Painting is an important part of my life journey and something I need to do. 
I usually paint in oils where the richness of colours, the luminosity of the the medium and the ability to push it around on the canvas  makes painting an intuitive process. I also paint with pastels, their pure colours and textural qualities bringing a totally different look and feel to my work.
It is not so much trying to get a message across as a need to portray some thing. That 'thing' can be a shaft of sunlight, an attempt to create a special feeling, or just to celebrate the sheer joy of being alive and appreciate what is around me. I paint for the love of it.
Sometimes I can't even explain what draws me to a subject, but what I have noticed over time, is my interest in portraying the atmospheric and my emotional response to the raw beauty of nature. I try to capture a moment in time when the light creates a special mood or feeling - something that evokes a desire to take a second glance or recapture a particular feeling.
Quite often the subject matter and atmospheric conditions will conspire to decide my choice of medium and I will  repaint the same scene or subject using both oils and pastels seperately just to see the effect.
Whether it is a small, realistic still life painstakingly executed, or a large sweeping seascape painted with my hands, each piece of art I produce is another step in my art (life) adventure.